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The Trembling Light Essences are the result of a long process

These Essences act directly on the soul, because of their high vibrational level and the planetary moment we are living in, during which the Human Being is connecting with its essence, that many call "the Soul", or "Being." These essences do not work with concrete emotions, but with whole aspects of life, where the soul expresses itself more consciously. The Trembling Light Essences are a tool for anyone who has spiritual troubles, who feels the need to connect to what many people have been talking lately everywhere: the Awakening of the Human Being. But also for those who have some blocks that impede them to get rid of emotional patterns that prevent their life to evolve as they want.

We suggest that you discover The Essences, by learning about how they work, the experiences of other people or by telling us your own experience, finding your Essence or getting to know the creator Mimón through the interview.

Music: Saila Maiata

The Trembling Light Essences and the Runes join in a unique encounter on the planet. Deep union of its characteristics and qualities. Find Your Essence Through the Runes.

Trembling Light Essences



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